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Title: Multi-Cascaded Inverter Design Using LLC Converter Supplied by a Single PV


Contact: DI. Dr. mont. Kayhan Ince

Project Details: The control system algorithm is performed using the MATLAB Simulink® model. The parameter values of the PID controllers of the system gains and the compensators are derived by PSIM | Software for Power Electronics Simulation. The AC voltage regulation is needed because of the non-linear loads. The entire control system is verified on a single-phase pulse-width-modulation (PWM) converter simulation with a simple DSP-based (C2000 Delfino TMS320F28379D) digital implementation of multi-cascade inverter. The controllers for stand-alone inverter are also tested under non-linear conditions (10 Ohm resistive load, 1mH inductive load and 75mF capacitive load). The PV (Photovoltaic) system controllers consist of two stages, one is for the closed loop control (Implementation of LLC Converter) of the DC-DC stage and the other for the closed loop control of the DC-AC stage. Methods: MATLAB Simulation, Pulse width modulation (PWM)

Completed Project


Title: AIT Smart Grid Converter


Contact: DI Roland Bründlinger

Project Details: IEC61850, ModBus TCP, SunSpec, and modular and stackable concept of increased power handling capability, the AIT Smart Grid Converter presents a perfect Smart Grid fit.

Completed Project


Title: PV-Anlage (2.0 kWp) an der Türkisch-Deutschen Universität (TDU)

Funder: Türkisch-Deutschen Universität (TDU)

Contact: DI. Dr. mont. Kayhan Ince

Project Details: Die 2.0 kW-Photovoltaik-Anlage liefert Strom für die Universität. Studenten können untersuchen, wie sich die Neigung der PV-Module auf den Energieertrag auswirkt. Theorie ist die Grundlage. Doch erst mit einem Praktikum können sie die graue Theorie um Erfahrungen aus der Praxis ergänzen. Bei TDU ist immer ein Training „on-the-job“: Die Planung und der Bau der Anlage waren für die StudentInnen aus Technik Mechatronischer Systeme besonders spannend. Durch die Arbeit an projektbezogenen Aufgaben, forschen und entwickeln sie selbstständig Aufgaben während des Studiums, die Ihren Fähigkeiten und Kenntnissen entsprechen.

Completed Project

  1. Ince, S. Ozenler, M. Ipekoğlu, ”Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS) for Mechatronics Systems Engineering Students in Training on the Job,” II. International Conference on Innovative Teaching and Technology in Higher Education ITTHE 2016, 2016.

Conference Paper [download]

  1. Ince, Showcase of a joint Istanbul/Berlin Technology Project, 2016. Invited talk at the Istanbul Chamber of Industry

Invited Talk

Project Number: 3151163

Project Name: Smart Grid Compatible, Suitable for International Medium-Voltage (MV) Network Codes, Digital Controlled, High Efficiency, Central Modular Photovoltaic Power Station

Company: Mavisis Teknoloji ve Enerji San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Evaluater / 2016

2015. Biberoğlu, K. Ince and F. Karaosmanoğlu, „Design of fault-tolerant cascaded H-Bridge multilevel inverter with output-side transformers using bidirectional switches,“ 2015 International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA), Palermo, 2015, pp. 98-103.

DOI: 10.1109/ICRERA.2015.7418714

Conference Paper [download]

  1. Ince, I. Delibaşoğlu, M. Tandırcıoğlu, “Tek Bir Dc Güç Kaynağından Beslenen 8-Seviyeli Tek-Fazlı Çoklu-Kaskad Mikro Evirici Tasarımı,” 3rd International Istanbul Smart Grid Congress and Fair (ICSG), Istanbul, 2015.

Conference Paper [download]

  1. Isçan, K. Ince, “Enerji Kalitesinin Standartlar ve Yönetmelikler Çerçevesinde Değerlendirilmesi,” 3rd International Istanbul Smart Grid Congress and Fair (ICSG), Istanbul, 2015.

Conference Paper [download]

Project Number: 7141195

Project Name: Grid Feedback Electronic Load Design

Company: Volrad El. Yaz. Ar. ve Gel. Dan. Müh. San. Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Consulting / 2015

  1. Isçan, „Measurement, Monitoring, Evaluating of Energy Quality and Technical Implementation at Istanbul Transportatıon Company,“ Diploma Thesis, 2015.

Diploma Thesis

2015. N. Gucın, K. Ince and F. Karaosmanoğlu, „Design and power management of a grid-connected Dc charging station for electric vehicles using solar and wind power,“ 3rd International Istanbul Smart Grid Congress and Fair (ICSG), Istanbul, 2015, pp. 1-4.

DOI: 10.1109/SGCF.2015.7354921

Conference Paper [download]

  1. Ince, N. Karakus, “Yalova İli Armutlu İlçesinde Rüzgar-Hidrojen Hibrit Enerji Sisteminin Modellenmesi,” 3rd International Istanbul Smart Grid Congress and Fair (ICSG), Istanbul, 2015.

Conference Paper [download]

  1. Karakus, „Technical and Economical Modeling of Grid-Connected Wind-Hydrogen Hybrid Energy Systems in District,“ Diploma Thesis, 2015.

Diploma Thesis

Project Number: 7150288

Project Name: Development of 3 Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply

Company: Germen Elektronik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Evaluater / 2015

  1. Ince, A. S. Hergül, “Lead Acid Battery Energy Storage Systems and State of Charge (SOC) Estimation under Observable Circumstances,”, 2014.

Poster [download]

Project Number: 3140602

Project Name: Design and Development of Middle Voltage Magnetic Controlled Reactor (MCR) System

Company: Endoks Enerji Dağıtım Sistemleri Sanayi İthalat ve İhracat Limited Şirketi

Evaluater / 2014

Project Number: 3140330

Project Name: In-Product Usable (BUILT IN) LED Driver Family Design for European Performance Standards (ENEC)

Company: Vestel Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Evaluater / 2014

Project Number: 1130277

Project Name: Armature Design and Development of Energy Saving LEDs for M1 and M2 Class Road Lightnings

Company: Emm Elektro Mekanik Montaj San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Evaluater / 2014


Project Number: 7130525

Project Name: Conversion Design of Conventional Protocols to IEC 61850 Protocol for Smart Grids

Company: Elektrakom Enerji Mühendislik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Evaluater / 2013


Project Number: 2012/Yalova-02/Ar-Ge-04

Project Name: Remote Temperature Tracking of Grain Silos

Company: Selteknoloiji Elektronik Imalatı ve Yazılım Geliştirme Hizmetleri

Consulting / 2012

Project Number: 1120064

Project Name: Development of Solar Energy Powered Electric Motor and Custom Driver System

Company: Femsan Elektrik Motorları San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Evaluater / 2012

Project Number: 1120056

Project Name: Photovoltaic Micro Inverter Unit

Company: Hazar Erciyes Bilişim Teknolojileri Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

Evaluater / 2012

Project Number: 7120322

Project Name: Development of Active Load Shared, Dsp Controlled, Transformerless, Online Three Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply

Company: Power Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Evaluater / 2012

2011. Ince e.U.


Brunnengasse 76/1 A-1160 Vienna

STEUERNUMMER: 213 / 9688

UID: ATU66860346 (2011-2014).

Consulting Company

  1. Ince, “Signal Processing for Computer Engineering,” 2011. Undergraduate Program at the Epoka University, Albani.

Guest Lecturer

  1. Ince, “Quasi-Eight-Level Inverter with Output-Side Transformers for Single-Phase Off-Grid Electrical Energy Supply, 2010.

PhD. Thesis [download]


Renewable energy resources available locally are ideally suited for providing electricity supply in remote areas. This work describes design and layout of a special single phase supply system with high voltage quality and low power electronics expenditure through application of a special quasi-eight-level inverter output voltage shape with H-bridge circuit configuration. The task is to minimize the number of stochastic and unknown parameters influencing the device functionality. First, the different possibilities to implement a multilevel inverter for grid and its power supply are explored, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Then, a H-bridge-module is designed and built. With these modules and together with some innovative concepts a model of a multilayer inverter is developed and a set of preliminary measurements are gained. The few loads requiring three-phase voltage are motors which shall be driven individually by demand-controlled inverters at corresponding various frequencies and voltages. For the intended application, simplicity is more important than the common approach of higher power transfer capability of three-phase systems. Ideally, the voltage at output side is sinusoidal without harmonics. Practically, we have to find a compromise between voltage quality (that still must fulfill common standards for voltage sags from commutation or switching, and harmonics) and on other side investment in hardware, amount of losses, and robustness. In order to obtain a good voltage shape we may use either high switching frequencies and filter circuits (less than optimum because of additional losses, extra cost and possible resonances to loads), or suitable multi-level inverters which can be realized without filters. Any deviation between ideal sinusoidal shape and actual switched voltage creates a current rate of rise or fall differences to ideal purely sinusoidal current waveform. For a certain current difference the integral of switched minus actual voltage over time is decisive. Finally, the model is validated by practical measurements indicating its correctness.


Translated title of the contribution Quasi-Acht-Level-Wechselrichter mit Ausgangsseitigen Transformatoren für Einphasen-Off-Grid Elektrische Energieversorgung
Original language English
Qualification Dr.mont.
Publication status Published – 2010
  1. Weiss, K. Ince, “Decentralized supply system with renewable energy based on quasi-eight-level inverter,“ Computational Technologies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (SIBIRCON), 2010.


Conference Paper [download]

  1. Ince, H. Weiss, T. Xin, “Innovative System Design of UPS Realization with Drive Load,” EDPE 2009 Proceedings, 2009.

Conference Paper [download]

  1. Xin, „Three-Phase Drive Ups Component Test, System Composition and Realization,“ Diploma Thesis, 2009.

Diploma Thesis

  1. Weiss, K. Ince, G. St. Zinoviev, “Multi-input small-power Renewable Energy supply system realized by special power electronics,” EUROCON 2009.


Conference Paper [download]

  1. Ince, H. Weiss, “Optimisation of Wind Power PMSM to Grid Conversion System,“ EPE-PEMC 2008 Proceedings, 2008.

Conference Paper [download]

2007. Ince, H. Weiss, S. Arslan, “Practical Efficiency Improvement at Electric Power Conversion System for Small Wind Turbines,” Conference on Electrical Drives and Power Electronics, 2007, pp. 1 – 6.

Conference Paper [download]

  1. Ince, „Neural object classification by pattern recognition of one dimensional data arrays which represent object information transformed by nonlinear functions,“ Diploma Thesis, 2006.

Diploma Thesis [download]


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